ALOK GARODIA, Executive / Cricketer

alokMy fitness journey started with preparations for the 2013 South Africa Masters Indoor Cricket tournament. Thanks to the fitness sessions conducted by Unpossible, I lost nearly 8 kg and managed to build up the stamina to survive the extremely demanding tournament.

I am unable to focus and enjoy training on my own, which is why I find the Unpossible fitness bootcamps very helpful. The variation of workouts in each session blended with continuous drive and motivation by coach Pek Ya makes our sessions interesting, and keeps the entire group focused. Being coached by a professional helps me to achieve levels which cannot be touched by self-training. Also, workouts which are not backed by a coach’s expertise can lead to injuries.

I like Pek Ya’s workouts because she takes the trouble to keep them varied and interesting.  Useful information on food and diet, as well as a dose of humour during workouts also make the session enjoyable.