Aditya Gogia, National Cricketer

adit“When they say- “No Pain, No Gain”, they mean it or at least Pek Ya means it. I was always a keen sportsperson but after being inactive from the sports fraternity for a bit, I had put on 11 kgs in a year without realizing it and trust me “the weighing scale never lies”.

After being shortlisted to represent Singapore at the Indoor Cricket World Cup in South Africa in 2013, I had to bring my fitness level at par with my skill level. This meant enrolling for boot camp sessions and going all the way to Bukit Timah (I live in the East Coast) to get a 45 minute workout.

The first 2 sessions were painful and I was declared the most unfit guy in my team which only inspired me to go harder, stronger and I didn’t have much time. Pek Ya made me work on my core which meant extensive planks, push ups, squats, lunges and other excercises to make me nimble.

To make a guy who was 91kgs nimble wasn’t an easy ask. I was determined to get rid of the extra weight and my aim was to lose all the “excess weight” and get into shape in 4 months.

Pek Ya pushed me to the corner and made me challenge myself every day. Even her recommendations on what to eat or rather what not to eat were magical. With Pek Ya, fitness is a journey and not the final destination (I still try to ape that routine even a year later).

4 months down the track, I was fitter than before and silently confident that my fitness would complement my skill set. Thanks Pek Ya for looking out for me in my fitness lows and converting them to real match winning performances in South Africa!