Aquathlon (swim/run) V Running

You can do more than run!-3Why swim and run (aquathlon) instead of just running?

One pair of shoes, one set of running gear, awesome playlist that resides in your smartphone, sweatproof headphones.

And a kickass attitude to get out and push your body.


A pair of goggles, swim suit/ swim gear, a swimming pool (the sea is possible but usually a pool is easier with 24 public swimming pools in Singapore), ear plugs (if you have ear infection like me), swim cap (chlorine really messes up your hair), shower stuff (can’t really shower only when you get home right?), locker or storage service for your gear while you swim and run.

And then;

All of the above. May even need a cap to keep those wet hair in place.

So much more hassle – is it worth the while?


  1. Uses different body parts so more rounded kind of workout and training. Not only would your legs be toned, so would your top.
  2. Burn more calories. Since swimming is less hard on the body compared with running, you can workout longer, technically.
  3. More balanced training i.e. more of the body gets a workout and so less injury.
  4. Increased endurance training time without the increased risk of injury from overtraining.
  5. Make more friends (now you make ’swimming’ friends and not just running friends)
  6. Cool down in the pool rather than on the running track, more hip? But seriously, cooling down in the pool is better for the body as it helps recovery.
  7. Can take part in more races; there are at least 6 more races a year in Singapore that you can participate in, aside from the almost weekly running races available.


  1. More logistics involved, (see above),
  2. May cost more since you will need more gear
  3. Running friends may think you went over to the dark side… and going to do triathlon and will lose you forever to the gearhead athletes… and no longer the purist endurance athletes.
  4. Need new clothes since you would likely have lost weight and gained a buffer upper body.
  5. May realise your swimming is not so good and so need some fancy gear and coaching to swim better.

So you want to be a runner or you can be a multisports athlete?