ERIN YAN, mother of 6-year-old Athena

AthenaMy husband and I wanted Athena to be able to swim confidently, and not be afraid of the water.

Swimming is a good way to stay fit, and we want her to have a good foundation to swim

competitively in school too, if she is interested.

Before starting with Unpossible, Athena had been attending a group swimming class. But her

progress was very slow; and the location and timing of the class were not ideal. Hence, we

decided to let her try 1-1 sessions with coach Pek Ya.

Athena really enjoys her lessons with Pek Ya, and we can see significant progress. We really like

Pek Ya’s emphasis on establishing a good foundation in swimming technique. She is a very good

coach who is dedicated in the sport, and good with kids too.