Bryan, 12

My son (Bryan) has been taking up Physical Therapy sessions in Unpossible with Coach Pek Ya where she challenges his agility and coordination skills by setting up several drills that targets his physical weaknesses.

At the start, Bryan could barely achieve a single sit-up and struggled to hop and land on a single leg. With this knowledge, Pek Ya developed a drill where she placed multiple hurdles in front of Bryan and asked him to walk through the drill before increasing the intensity by running through and eventually jumping over the hurdles.

Bryan also struggled with his grasp where he experienced difficulties in maintaining a strong grip when holding on to certain items. As such, Pek Ya involved weighted ropes in Bryan’s therapy sessions where it trained him to have a stronger grip and developed his physical strength as a whole.

As a result, Pek Ya has helped Bryan to become more confident, focused and nimble in his overall movement. Bryan’s motor skill and concentration has also improved as compared to before where he can now achieve more than ten sit-ups!

We are truly grateful and appreciative for all the help that Bryan has received and we do highly recommend Unpossible to others!