Chong Xin Yi, 14, Student Athlete

As a surgeon and parent, I have witnessed many young athletes drop out of sports with injuries. Hence, I wanted to look for a strength and conditioning coach that will help to build the necessary foundation that will reduce the incidence of injuries and allow her to do more intensive training and develop more power in her game.

With strength and conditioning coach Pek Ya, Xin Yi along with her school teammates did the Functional Movement Screening, which serves to highlight areas that she should work on that will prevent future injuries and even deficiency in certain of her movements. One example was the simple deep squat movement that highlighted the muscular imbalance of her VMO (medialis oblique and is part of the vastus medialis quadriceps muscle at the front of the thigh) that could lead to knee injuries, tight back and shoulders. In addition she was screened to have general inflexibility despite above average aerobic fitness and strength.

After 16 weeks of once a week conditioning training coupled with self directed training after her own on court training , Xin Yi has gotten objectively stronger and a lot more flexible. She has thus far avoided her usual hamstring and shoulder strains. I feel that Coach Pek Ya has been able to work well with the girls through effective communication and effective demonstration and on the spot correction. To a certain degree she has been able to put across the need for proper strength training and conditioning and thus motivate them to improve physically.