DEEP, 42, IT professional / National Indoor Cricketer

DeepMy fitness goal is simple – to stay fit, healthy and injury free!

My fitness journey started when I was selected to be part of the Singapore Indoor Cricket team to represent the country at the Masters World Cup held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2013.

In order to get tournament ready, I joined the Unpossible bootcamp and saw a phenomenal improvement in my overall fitness level.

I have continued to workout with Unpossible since the tournament and feel it has improved my overall fitness and core strength tremendously. More importantly, my previous nagging sports injuries have all but gone … and it couldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of my coach and founder of Unpossible, Pek Ya.

Additionally, my son loves outdoor sports, such as swimming, skating, rock climbing etc. Thanks to Unpossible, I have been able to keep pace with my son and be involved in all these activities on a regular basis.

There is virtually no comparison between training on your own and training with a coach, especially with someone as qualified as Pek Ya. When you train on your own, it is easy focus on the wrong areas and this often leads to injuries. It’s also easy not to have a sustained cadence and stay motivated. Coach Pek Ya has helped keep me motivated, and focus on the right areas for overall fitness improvement. In addition, it is a lot more fun training with others than training on my own!

Here is how I would sum up my reasons for working out with Unpossible…

  1. Remaining Motivated
  2. Maintaining a Regular Cadence
  3. Focusing on the Right Areas
  4. Staying Injury Free
  5. Having More Fun!

Training with Unpossible is fun! It is a lot of hard work … but no pain, no gain!!

Coach Pek Ya is also very patient and addresses personal goals and concerns and always makes the bootcamp sessions tough, but not unachievable!

I continue to play indoor cricket competitively in Singapore and always try to encourage my teammates to join the Unpossible fitness sessions. Skills are not enough in a sport such as indoor cricket / cricket or pretty much any in sport – fitness is critical. Once you have both, nothing is Unpossible!