Desmond, 31, Accountant

DesmondBefore I met Pek Ya, I was a typical weekend warrior – joining cycling and running clubs, and harbouring hopes of participating in an Ironman race one day. Over the course of 2 years, I worked my way up to triathlons and various locally-organized runs. But it began to dawn on me that 2 years of plugging away at my fitness had not yielded much result. My performance showed little or no improvement over the course of that time, and I was no closer to my Ironman target.

In September 2012, I decided to find myself a coach and met Pek Ya. Our first training objective was to complete the full Standard Chartered Marathon 2012, and to do it without injury. Within a short span of 3 months, I not only achieved this objective, but also went from a 6-hour finish to a sub 5.30-hour finish! With that, Pek Ya and I crossed our first milestone as a student and teacher. She has continued to change the way I train and think about fitness, athletics and physical performance.  Pek Ya is not a coach who simply stands at the end of the pool or finishing line with a clipboard and whistle. She takes the time to understand my priorities and capabilities, and uses her expertise to design a programme that is both versatile and lots of fun!

I am so glad that out of the many trainers and coaches in the market, I managed to find Pek Ya.  She has become a mentor and a friend whom I am able to share my thoughts, my feelings and training aspirations with. With her guidance and encouragement, I have continued to achieve performance targets that once seemed impossible – from improving my running times, to learning how to swim at a decent amateur level.