Elias, 9 year old Swimmer but Tennis player wannabe

My Son (Elias) has been suffering from severe sinusitis and moderate asthma since he was 17 months old. Over the years we have frequented hospitals and tried both Western and Chinese medicines which became part of Elias’ diet ever since.

I have previously engaged a swim coach (who is also asthmatic himself) to teach Elias how to swim, however Elias would often develop a cold OR fever after each lesson. I shared this with Pek Ya and she suggested that Elias could begin classes with land exercises to warm his body up before going into the water. This suggestion made a huge difference in Elias’ swim journey as he is less likely to succumb to cold or fever after a swim class and has ceased to breathe asthmatically when he sleeps!

Before approaching Pek Ya, I would often find myself at wits end whenever Elias developed a fever, which could occur every six weeks and it usually hovers between 39 to 41 degree celsius. After 15 lessons with Pek Ya, Elias grew physically stronger with the body conditioning and swimming exercises, and I could finally see a glimmer of hope that my son could be free from medicine.

On hindsight, my fervent and desperate pleas to God as to how I should bring up a healthy child was answered through Pek Ya’s commitment and devotion to make a difference in her student’s life. Not only has Elias begun to dream of playing sports competitively, he has also witnessed that despite having limitations, they need not remain as weaknesses but they can be overcome when you put your heart and mind to pursue your goals!