Finish Line Follow-Up

carbs for glycogen replenishment!

carbs for glycogen replenishment!

Are you a hard-hitting athlete who participates in competitions regularly? Do you know how to properly recover from your strenuous competitions? The next time you have a race, follow this protocol, and your body will recover the way it should. 

DOMS treatment

The muscle pain you feel after a race is due to the tears you just created in the muscles. The tears are okay, because they are necessary to build the muscles up. But, in the meantime, you will be sore. Here are a few ways you can treat your sore muscles to help them recover more quickly. 

  • A nice massage will help to flush out waste products and increase the circulation of blood. You can use hand-held rollers to break up tight spots if you need to. 
  • Your body will be inflamed after an intense race or competition. Combat this issue by adding ginger, turmeric, and omega-3s to your system, either through diet or supplementation. 
  • Taking amino acid supplements will also aid in protein synthesis, which will help your muscles recover faster. 

Replenishing energy and electrolytes 

Of course, you need to re-energize and replace electrolytes after a strenuous workout. Here are some of the best ways to do it. 

  • You know that protein is a main building block of muscle, so it should be no surprise to you that you should eat some protein right after a competition or race to help your muscles recover faster. 
  • You might think you need to stay away from carbohydrates after a race, but you’d be wrong. Eating carbs will help you replace the glycogen that you lost
  • You exercise, you sweat. Right? You know you sweat out sodium and other electrolytes. So, replacing them to maintain a balanced body is very important. Balance is key when it comes to electrolyte replacement, so don’t go overboard with it. If you choose to eat salty foods to replace the salt in your body, go with a healthier choice, like peanut butter, pickles, or tomato juice rather than eating an entire bag of potato chips. 


So, your race takes place outside. That means, you’re going to be exposed to the sun. A lot. Your best bet is to slather on sunscreen before you compete. But, chances are that you’ll sweat it off or it will need to be reapplied before the race is over. So, here’s what do you do when you’re burnt to a crisp. 

  • Aloe vera has long been touted as a burn soother for good reason. It works. If your sunburn is minor, applying aloe vera can heal and provide relief fast. 
  • Omega-3s are not only great for your muscles, they’re a great skin treatment, too. Loading up on leafy greens, fish and nuts will help to ease your sunburned skin from the inside out. This will help repair your skin that much faster.

Stress Relief 

When you train for and participate in extreme races and competitions, it can stress you out big time. So, don’t forget to take care of your mind as well as your body. Here are a few suggestions for getting that done. 

  • Keeping a journal of your training and race experiences will help to ease the stress it puts on your mind. Just take a couple minutes and jot down a few thoughts; it really helps! 
  • Training for a physically strenuous event is HARD! So, when it is all over, give yourself permission to just chill. Do something you enjoy, indulge in something you’ve been denying yourself because of your training regimen. Meditate. Find anything that you do just for you and DO IT! 

Now that you have an idea about how to take care of your body and your mind after your race, go out there and do your best!