Hiap Huat Paints Co. – Health and Wellness Workshop

As an employer, I always want what is best for the company as well as my employees as they are the foundation of our company. With this in mind, our company hired Coach Pek Ya to run a health and wellness workshop for our employees during a company retreat in December 2017.


Studies done by Brookings Institute (https://www.brookings.edu/opinions/exercise-increases-productivity/) have shown that exercise not only improves health, but also productivity. In the workplace, productivity is highly important but difficult to work on without proper understanding of how to address it. Through the workshop, Coach Pek Ya did not only help us understand the link between fitness and productivity but also equipped us with the skills and knowledge to run fitness activities for our employees.


During the first half, we were made aware of our own fitness levels by learning how to interpret the results of common fitness test and understand the meaning behind those numbers. Finding out exactly where we stood in terms of fitness really gave us a wakeup call, most of us were not as fit as we thought we were! This discrepancy between what we thought we were and what we actually are, showed us how much potential we had to be more productive in life and at work.


In the second half, we were guided through a short exercise session which taught us ways to exercise as a company that were quick, easy and effective. This part of the workshop was very enjoyable and also served as a great team building experience, as doing fun exercises together and encouraging each other really helped bring us closer as a company. This experience not only encouraged us to plan more fitness activities as a company but also gave us the confidence to run such programmes as we now know what we can do.


This workshop was undoubtedly beneficial for the company as it not only educated us but also equipped us with skills to practice what we have learnt. I highly recommend this workshop to any employer looking to motivate their employees to become more productive not only at work but in life, and at the same time improve themselves as leaders of their company. Many thanks to Coach Pek Ya and her team.


– Josephine, Admin Manager