Morning Moving Madness

how to wake up to workout

One too many times I’ve been asked how I (crazily) get up to train and bike at 6am, amidst all the heavy-eyed beings struggling to wake up even 2 hours later for work.

My answer is simple (and so are my tips below) – Waking up is a choice; and so is hitting the snooze button or switching off the alarm to go back to the inviting bed. We know all the grand plans of working out even before the day starts had evaporated into thin air .

Although it is largely a choice, there are steps we can take to ensure we get that morning breath of fresh air and renewed energy before we charge full speed ahead for the day’s task.

Here’s what I suggest:

1) Plan for it! It should be in your calendar and reminder page so you prepare for what approaches, instead of covering up with the common excuse of “It will happen.. someday… when i’m not too tired”

2) Lay out your exercise gear. if you are going to run, put on your running gear on top of your office wear – your brain will know what comes first

3) Make sure your water bottle is full for the essential hydration especially after a long night of fasting. if you are cycling, check that your bike is ready to rock and roll the night before, which leaves you less fuss in the morning

4) Sleep early, and by that I mean giving your body at least 7 hours of rest. Don’t set the alarm at 5am going to bed at 12am – It’s failure and a whole lot of disappointment waiting to happen. There is absolutely no use hitting the gym sleep deprived with groggy dark eye rings, and more importantly, it’s dangerous to do so!

5) Pack in your outfit if you have an appointment/ work after that, because we usually compromise on the workout if we encounter any delays. This is also advisable for your office essentials and any important documents – We don’t want to be scrambling around looking for them in the morning eliminating precious exercise time!

6) Make a workout date with a friend. You are less likely to stand your friend up since he/she also went to great lengths waking up at 5am to train with you!

7) IF ALL ELSE FAILS, pack in your workout gear and shoes and do it after work – something is better than nothing at all and it will release healthy endorphins to combat stress, leaving you with a restful night ahead!

Try it and Tell me!