JASPER SIM, 39, Pastor / Triathlete

jasperWhen I first started working with Unpossible, my goal was just to complete a triathlon.  Though the training was initially difficult, it proved to be fruitful and rewarding.  After successfully finishing my first triathlon, I felt the rush to do the next one and have set my sights on IronMan in 2016.  With my weekly training routine, I have grown much stronger since my first race!


Why not train on my own? I think self-training can only work if you have the time to explore, watch and understand. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the luxury of time due to work and family commitments.  I also realised that my swimming technique was non-existent, something which was highlighted when I could not even out-swim my (then) 10 year old son. I knew that I needed to work on my technique with a coach; and Unpossible’s Pek Ya was a natural choice since I knew her and had seen her in action.


What do I like about Pek Ya’s coaching style? I would say it is her ability to break the process down into simple steps.  She slowly introduces new actions and techniques in manageable increments. In that way, it helped me to build the confidence to keep going and not give up.  Particularly with swimming, it’s pretty tempting to give up when you are sinking half the time!  But Pek Ya’s approach helped me to gain the necessary confidence to push ahead.  And she is strict in a good sense – something which I feel is necessary for a coach!


Another other highlight of our training was doing the open water swim with her at Sentosa.  Having her beside me was a great comfort.  I had a slight phobia of swimming in the sea but thankfully, her company was assuring!


I would recommend Pek Ya to friends who are thinking of going into triathlons.  I would tell them to prepare for an intense workout, a systematic approach and a good friend!