KENNY, 41, Company Director / Triathlete

kenny engI started working with Unpossible when I was a triathlon newbie.  I wanted to ensure that I trained correctly and without injury.  Under coach Pek Ya’s guidance, I have enjoyed both the journey and the races.

Working with a coach (as opposed to training entirely by myself) gives me a better understanding of myself as an athlete.  A coach can provide details and observations which we are not able to see or discover on our own. Of course, this has to be supplemented with self-practice and training in order to put the recommendations into practice and benefit from the coaching insights.

I like working with Pek Ya because of her personal approach – she is able to encourage and support me when the task ahead seems daunting, and to design a training program that takes into account my lifestyle and scheduling constraints.  I would recommend her to anyone wants help to fit exercise/sports into a busy life.