Poh Lin, 49, Enterprise Sales Director

In my journey with Unpossible, Pek Ya encouraged me to persevere even when there were moments when I felt like giving up and underestimated my own abilities. She tailored my training regiment according to my fitness level, and more importantly, took time to understand my motivators.

This significantly helped me in my training where I was able to increase the number of accomplished sets of functional work (stairs, squats, push ups etc) from three to five sets. Concurrently, I found that my immunity system had also improved as I was less susceptible to the cold and flu virus.

Having undergone training with Pek Ya, my view of exercise has changed given that I have gained a better and fuller understanding of fitness and of the needs of my body. Under the supervision and experience of Pek Ya, I am now equipped with the knowledge of when I should push myself harder and when I should slow down to take care of my own body so as to not overstretch or strain myself.