running with coach

JJ running with Coach Pek ya

The discipline, perseverance and commitment that sports and physical education entail can be transferred to other areas of life. Sports and physical activity are powerful development tools that can help instil values such as discipline, teamwork, fair-play and respect for self and others. What better time to develop these qualities than when we are young. Sport and physical education has been found to be fundamental to the early development of children. Unlike adults, children have a great capacity to absorb – ideas, techniques, and concepts. What we often think as “keeping fit” or “working-out”, children probably understand as playing, being active or simply moving!. Our programs are engaging and interesting so that sports and fitness never become activities which children grow up to detest or fear. We believe in developing the whole child – not just the best child! Being children at heart, we understand the utter seriousness in having fun!

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get” Michael Phelps (Swimmer)