Z in action!

Zachary, the special child, cycling after 3 months of training

Close to our hearts is the work we do with special needs children. Kids with physical or sociological challenges need adaptive activities. Limited mobility, tiredness, sensory and communication challenges and difficulty in socialising with others are some of the barriers special needs kids come up against when trying to play sports or undertake physical activity. Yet, sports and physical activity, are no less beneficial to them than to other children. Participating in sports can build self-confidence, control weight and improve social skills for special needs children. We adapt our coaching to special kids to work with their strengths, downplay their challenges and overcome limitations. In fact, we see them as being no different from others. In as much as we adapt all of our programs for individual needs, we do the same for the needs of our special kids. We are also able to involve parents and caregivers in our activities to strengthen bonds through activity and interaction.