Holistic Habits to End All Diets

fruits, vegetable and nut pic with measuring tape

fruits, vegetable and nut pic with measuring tape

Are you tired of trying to lose weight without success? Have you been counting your calories and increasing your exercise, but still not seeing results? Quit beating yourself up about it and change your mindset instead. Try taking a holistic approach to weight loss by addressing these three things: diet, lifestyle and motivation.  Approaching weight loss in this way creates a complete paradigm shift that will not only help you lose weight, but also keep it off.


The word diet means more than just the kinds of food you eat. Diet is the way you eat, when you eat, and why you eat. So, the first step in a holistic approach to weight loss is addressing the reasons behind your weight gain. If you do not identify the cause of your weight problem, but are lucky enough to lose weight — those pounds will come back again.

When you try to lose weight the traditional way, it often involves a lot of self-denial. Many people find themselves in one of these mindsets: “I can’t have this or I’ll gain weight,” or “If I just do this, I’ll lose weight.” These are ‘controlling’ statements and they can make you feel defeated before you even begin. Weight loss is less about willpower and self-control, and more about making better choices in your diet.


Making an active effort to lose weight does not help you lose weight. In fact, it might be hindering your efforts. Rather than being stressed about losing weight, focus more on improving your self-esteem. When you let go of any negative feelings you have about yourself, the weight will leave right along with it.

Also consider making meditation part of your routine. It elevates your awareness of how you use food to meet an emotional need, which can help turn you into a more mindful eater.


Holistic weight loss strategies incorporate several different facets including thoughtful ways to motivate your mind.

  • Self-monitoring your behavior is an important part of your holistic weight-loss journey. All you need to do is to observe and record your eating and exercising habits. Keeping a journal like this has been proven to help keep people on track.
  • Creating positive messages about eating has proven to be an effective measure in preventing weight gain in children, and it can work for you, too. Having a positive vision of food will motivate you to make wise decisions about what to eat.
  • Visualize yourself thinner. Imagine what you will look like in that little black dress. Although thinking about being thinner will not get you there on its own, it will definitely help you keep your eyes on the prize.

The next time you’re thinking about popping a diet pill, or jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad diet program, change your mindset instead. Approach your weight loss in a holistic manner and never diet again.