Tom Yam Seafood Angel Hair Pasta – A Healthy and Fast Recipe!

We often want to eat well, with food that is fast to prepare and easy on the pocket.

One of the best hacks is to use store bought soup paste and add on fresh ingredients and maybe even aromatics. You’ll get enhanced flavor without the labour-intensive process of making the soup paste.

It is okay to use supermarket paste; but get the ones with fewer additives and fresher ingredients.

You can use any meat to accompany the pasta. In this recipe I use frozen prawns and it tastes great.

1. Angel hair pasta 75g (
2. Tom yam paste 15g or 1 tablespoon (
3. 1 small onion (
4. 6 cherry tomatoes (
5. 5 frozen prawns (
6. 5 frozen mussels (
7. Optional – garlic powder, lemongrass powder, BBQ seasoning powder, parsley and Mirin (japanese sweet cooking wine)

1. Thaw the mussels and prawns.
2. Chop the onion and cherry tomatoes.
3. Mix in the tom yam paste to the vegetables and microwave them in a bowl with the optional spices for high 2min OR stir fry them in a pan till soft.
4. Boil the pasta on stove top or microwave till soft, then drain the water. I microwaved the pasta for 9mins, before rinsing.
5. Put the prawns and mussels into the vegetable and tom yam mixture. Microwave for another minute or till prawns and mussels are cooked.
6. Mix the cooked pasta with the paste and add parsley if you have.



Note: I am aware of the argument about food being cooked in the microwave oven but I am not too convinced of it since the cooking time for a dish like this is minimal.