Why Unpossible?

Because Impossible just doesn’t sound right…

Everyone has an “Everest” – a desire, an aspiration, a dream. For some, it’s a ‘round-the-world’ solo trip; for others writing a novel and yet others, finishing a marathon. It seems big, looming, impossible. But all it takes is to look at the ‘impossible’ in a different way. That’s why we’ve changed “Impossible” to “Unpossible”. Words and labels often pre-determine our ideas and our beliefs. At “Unpossible” we see things differently; we take a unique perspective. We see the possible. 

“I realised I’d never climb Everest but thought I could still write a book” – Sara Parestsky (Author)

Our Team

Unpossible was founded on the belief that no one should have their dreams crushed or defeated by a lack of confidence, support or effort. For us, anyone who crosses that finish line is a winner. Whether first or last. The Unpossible Team wants to be the motivator, the champion, the friend, of dreams and aspirations. While our focus is sports, fitness and conditioning , we believe that these are but means to achieve the greater goal of fulfilling our life’s ambitions. After all, whether you are aiming to swim across the English Channel, win the gold medal in a race, or write that bestseller novel, it all starts with a belief.

We believe in setting and achieving goals


Our experience with a wide variety of clients means that we are able to provide customised, targetted programmes to meet different training needs.

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What People Say

We enjoy accompanying our clients on their fitness journey – learning about the problems, understanding the challenges and addressing the issues with customised programs, providing our clients with superior support and guidance.


There is virtually no comparison between training on your own and training with a coach, especially with someone as qualified as Pek Ya. When you train on your own, it is easy focus on the wrong areas and this often leads to injuries. It’s also easy not to have a sustained cadence and stay motivated. Coach Pek Ya has helped keep me motivated, and focus on the right areas for overall fitness improvement. In addition, it is a lot more fun training with others than training on my own!


DEEP, 42
IT professional / National Indoor Cricketer

I like working with Pek Ya because of her personal approach – she is able to encourage and support me when the task ahead seems daunting, and to design a training program that takes into account my lifestyle and scheduling constraints.  I would recommend her to anyone wants help to fit exercise/sports into a busy life.



Company Director / Triathlete

I’d recommend Pek Ya to friends who are serious about embarking on a fitness goal. The foundation that she builds does more than simply get you to the goal. She also wants you to enjoy the journey that takes you there. Pek Ya is experienced enough to find and use every bit of your natural potential to your own advantage, and coach you towards achieving your goals.

video editor, Paris-Brest Aspirant

Athena really enjoys her lessons with Pek Ya, and we can see significant progress. We really like Pek Ya’s emphasis on establishing a good foundation in swimming technique.  She is a very good coach who is dedicated in the sport, and good with kids too.

Athena, 6
ERIN YAN, mother of Athena